Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holidays Are Over!

The holidays were so anticipated here and I think in hind sight my children will tell you that they loved the two weeks they got with their father. I saw things another way. I saw children who were tired, miserable, sick and having emotional come aparts at every turn. It was not good for them and saying goodbye was harder this time than last because they knew what the weeks on end would feel like and the reality of how long he would be gone and that we never will know if he has to leave again.

The kids took an emotional beating over Christmas. Thank heavens for their school work, their teacher, their friends and our family. Because of all these people and structure they have been so much better than if they were lacking these. I failed to mention but should note church, scouts and I am sure there are more people and events that I have forgotten.

We are now having a new shipment of curriculum. Things fell apart a bit for us at the beginning of this school year and we got a little behind. We are now gradually getting up to speed. Rather than beat myself up for this I am just plugging along one day at a time and grateful for the little moments with my children.