Thursday, November 6, 2008

Devotionals are struggling, time for a new idea.

I know we are supposed to do family scripture study every day and there are times where we do really good with this but we do better when we do it right before bed along with our nightly family prayer. I was trying to do it before we did other school work in the morning. I was hoping that this would show my children that we put the gospel first in our lives by putting it first in our day. That sounds great but it hasn't been working and how we quit and aren't doing anything.

So, time to revamp! I am thinking of switching back to doing our evening routine so that we get that family scripture time in to the schedule. For the mornings my thought right now is to read an article out of the Friend or New Era and talk about it. I think that the kids will like this more and it will still send a good message.

Here's hoping!

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