Monday, December 14, 2009

Work From Home or Build Up Your Business! It's a Win Win!!!

We are all looking for extra cash at this particular time. Everyone seems to be in the same financial crunch and could use a little more money! There are a lot of scams out there that will promise you a lot of money in short order but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

For those of you that already have a home based business, stay at home with children or just want to earn a little more money from the comfort of your home you should know about companies that buy reviews. The one that we like is Sponsored Reviews. Below is a link that you can click to go there and see if it is something you like.

Please note that if you have a business you can purchase reviews here from many sources that will help your website attract more attention and gain search engine status! Anything to drive visitors to your site is sure to add to your income so that alone is a good reason to check this out!
Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with
How this works is that you submit a site or blog that you personally have and they accept it if it meets the general requirements. You then bid on reviews that advertisers want. The greatest things are that you: control the price that you are willing to write for, you choose which topics interest you, and you can make an unlimited amount of money.

For advertisers it works differently of course. You can go on the site and register. You list what types of reviews you need and then let bloggers and writers bid on what you need. Or you can browse the database of sites and see if there are particular sites that you would like to have write a review for your company and you can just ask to hire them for the job.

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